Shineheart is an all white cat with blue eyes. Usually when a white cat has blue eyes it means it will be blind.


Shineheart loves helping other cats. She is a medicine cat apprentice and helps moonshine out with things. Being blind and deaf are hard for her so the clan made a type of sign language. Before she got her warrior name she trained for 10 moons which is unusually long. Her connection with starclan is amazing. She can sense things good,which is an ability she got because she was blind.


She was born to shardclaw in green-leaf. She was expected to become an elder due to her disability,but after she showed a connection with starclan and an interest in medicine they decided she could be medicine cat apprentice. Moonshine came up with a sign language for her and taught her. At 8 moons she was made apprentice to Moonshine. When she was 18 moons she got her warrior name.