A short, stock brown tabby with green eyes. She somtimes stays in our clan, but leaves at night. She had two kits, Mosskit and Blackkit, but she gave them to the clan. Mosskit is tiny pale brown kit and Blackkit's name tells all! He's all black-except for a white tail tip! Liza isn't an ordinary kitty-pet! She was once a Bloodclan cat!!!


Liza is small and stocky. Is a brown tabby with green eyes. Her tail is black and her nose is strikingly pink. But, her pads are strong and tough.

Her LifeEdit

Liza is not an ordinary kitty-pet. She was a Bloodclan queen. Soon, she realized that Bloodclan was not safe for her kits. So she left. She ran for her life. Soon, she discovered a large wood. She raced in and yowled somthing. The clan ran out and started growling at her. She dropped her kits in terror and ran off.

The kitsEdit

The kits were token in and named Mosskit and Blackkit. She came back and lived with the clan for a while.