==the light paths
Light path

a light path.sorry i didnt do a good job


the light paths are what darkclan believe in.the paths there are is said once a cat has faded to nothingness they will find the end of the paths where the bright forest is.only a few cats have returned to tell because they dont want to leave.the light paths are really made of light.there are dips in the area where cats gather.some cats are so familiar with the paths that they know where everything is.the prey is very plentiful,and all cats are never hungry or in pain or sick.kits never grow up though so it is said to be a place lost in time.they say that the paths are light because they are made of stars.some times starclan cats can visit the light paths.bad cats get a choice,they can become good and enjoy peace,or they can go to the dark tunnels.sometimes if the cat does not want to be healed(such as a battle scar or defect)the dont get healed but they can still decide again later.


the residents there are extremely peacefull and kind.they are happy.starclan cats visit from time to time.the legendary bluestar visted once.


the light paths were created exactly like darkclan,by travelers.after darkclan was created they would still go to starclan.the first death,silkpaw,went to starclan.she thought there should be a place like starclan where darkclan cats would go to when they she walked through starclan territory until she came to paths made of soon as she touched the paths a sense of peace washed over her and from that moment on she knew this was the place.when the next cat died,iceface,she went down and got her.from then on cats were taken there.