Icypaw: weird isn't it? Icypaw and she is orange?

Who she was

She was a small, orange tabby with green eyes.

She was small for her age and was made fun of.

Though she was tough, she was weak.

Why she diedEdit

She died because she was on an hunting mission. She was chasing a squirrel into Leafclan territory, then was caught by a border patrol.

She was taken to their camp and killed.

Her body was carried back to her own camp.

The Leafclan warriors lied and said a fox got her.

Pineclan soon relized that the marks were the marks of an warrior.


Mother: Fernleaf

Father: Stripetail

Sisters: Krestalpaw and Fallowpaw

Brother: Webpaw

Closest FriendsEdit

Greenpaw- Leafclan

Hallowfern- Pineclan

Leafwing- Pineclan