Darkshard is one of the oldest medicine cats in Darkclan.She is an elder but still acts as medicine cat.She was Darkstar's sister and is very very old.Because of her age, most cats underestimate her.She is als
o blind.She doesn't have eyes at all.Because of this, most kits are afraid of her.She rarely opens her eyes so she won't scare anyone.Even though she is blind, she find herbs by smell,feel,and taste.She is very independent even though she can't see.She was very sad when her sister went to Starclan.


Darkshard is black with long fluffy fur and a very long tail.Her ears are long but one is split down the middle.She is blind with no eyes(its just an empty eye socket)and has a pink nose.

Her LifeEdit

She was an apprentice when Bloodclan attacked.She fought bravely until a huge tom leapt and sat on her.The tom clawed at her face until he ripped her eyes out.She thought she was going to die when Sunstar pulled her out of the battle.They fought till Bloodclan left.She was cared for in the medicine den by Emberpaw and Sunspot.After they healed her she could not become a warrior.So she became an elder.Sunspot soon died of greencough and Emberpaw became Embertuft.Darkpaw decided to be his apprentice.She became his apprentice for 10 moons when she got her full name Darkshard.after that Embertuft died of blackcough.Darkshard soon took on an apprentice named Flamepaw.Flamepaw then became Flameheart.